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    November 17, 2021

    Infoplus Product Update - November 17th, 2021

    The Headlines: Speed Updates, Preparing for the Holiday Rush, and 3 New Servers

    Infoplus is focusing on increasing speed and preparing for the increased volume predicted for the holiday season. To accomplish this, we released a few stories last night: 

    • Reduce Shopping Cart Connection Calls from running every minute to running once every 5 minutes
    • Adding 3 new servers (may need to whitelist)
    • Holiday Prep Articles
    • New Limits for Bulk Editing and Bulk Loading
    • Reduce AVS Calls for Address Verification
    • Bug Fix: Interactive Receiving

    Reduce Shopping Cart Connection Calls

    Some shopping cart connections were calling the API once a minute to update inventory, which was taking up valuable space on the Infoplus servers. To free up space and increase speed for all Infoplus users, we increased the minimum shopping cart connection to sending once every 5 minutes.

    If your chron schedule was set to any frequency beyond 5 minutes, you will not be impacted by this update. 

    Adding 3 New JBoss Servers

    To prepare for the Holiday Rush, Infoplus is adding three additional servers to our system. You may need to whitelist the new IP addresses (provided below) to continue to send and receive requests through Infoplus. If the new IP addresses are not recognized by your API, requests could fail. 

    New IP Addresses: 


    Two New Holiday Prep Articles

    We launched two articles to help you prepare both your Warehouse and your Infoplus WMS for the increased volume during the holiday season. Please review and implement any preparations that could help your operations be as successful as possible this year. 

    New Limits for Bulk Editing and Bulk Loading

    Please only bulk edit in batches of 500 or less in Infoplus. If you select a batch larger than 500, you will see significant system slow-downs. 

    Please only bulk load in batches of 5,000 or less except for Orders. You can only bulk upload 1,000 Orders at one time. 

    • We strongly encourage users to perform large bulk edits and/or loads outside of peak business hours. Bulk edits or loads larger than the recommended batch sizes can cause significant site-wide slowdowns for your site and for other Infoplus users.

    Reduce AVS Calls for Address Verification

    We decreased the number of AVS calls made (to increase speed) by only making a call if the address was changed to verify the updated address for the order.

    Bug Fix: Interactive Receiving

    Interactive receiving wasn’t checking the receiving quantity against the Units Per Wrap, which has now been corrected. 

    New and Updated Knowledge Base Articles 

    We are always updating, editing, and adding new Knowledge Base articles to better address common questions and scenarios our clients bring to us. Check out these recently new or updated articles for insight into best practices within Infoplus:

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