Product Updates

Product Update: Smart Documents, Commercial Invoices, and 3PL Billing Milestone

Smart Documents

Another new Building Block has been added to Infoplus in this release.  You can now define custom Smart Document templates, which allow you to use your data in Infoplus to generate custom document layouts that you control.  

Product Update: Print Labels per Carton, Shopping Carts Inventory Levels for Selected Warehouses, and Faster Background Jobs

Shipping Station: Print Labels per Carton

A new option has been added to our Shipping Station 2.0 beta app, to help your usage of the app match your operating processes in your facility.  For orders that are being “built” in the Shipping Station app, you can now choose to have the app print the parcel labels after each carton, instead of only after the whole order is shipped.  

Product Update: Shipping Station 2.0 Beta and Better Backorder Support for Order Management

Shipping Station 2.0 Beta for Warehouse Operations

We have just released the beta version of our new Shipping Station app for Infoplus Warehouse Operations. Continuing the trend of all of our new warehouse operations apps, this app is designed to give you more context about the order or carton you are shipping, and more clarity about where you are in the shipping process. In this app you can:

Product Update: More Control Over Your Fulfillment, eBay Connection, and Parcel Invoice Reconciliation

Choose the Item Receipts you want to use for Fulfillment

In this release, Infoplus now gives you the ability to override the item receipts that are allowed to be used to fulfill your orders.  When this feature is used, rather than just following the allocation rules assigned to your items, Infoplus will only allow the item receipts that you have assigned to the order to be used for allocation.  

Product Update: Cancelled Orders, Order Pending Status, and Parcel Invoice Uploads for 3PL Billing

Cancelled Orders

Infoplus has added the ability for you to cancel orders that you do not want to ship, but that you do want to keep a record of within Infoplus.  A cancelled order will not be allowed to run through fulfillment or to ship, nor will it place any inventory demand on your items. In the past, you would have to delete an order like this that you didn’t want to ship, but now you can keep track of the order and make sure it doesn’t go out the door.

Product Update: Warehouse Activity for 3PL Billing and Improvements to Order Bulk Load

Warehouse Activity for 3PL Billing

As the first step in building our new 3PL Billing module, Infoplus now has a new set of tables where all WMS activity is copied into a simple flat format, for easy reporting and extraction.  These tables will be the foundation of the new 3PL Billing module, as they are the source data for all Invoices that a 3PL can issue from Infoplus.

Product Update: EDI, International Shipping, Optimized Warehouse Picking, and Mobile Inventory Cycle Counting

EDI Connections

Infoplus has launched a new EDI Connections application, allowing you to connect your EDI partners to Infoplus, to automatically connect orders, inventory, routing and shipping information.

Product Update: Custom Reporting

Fully Customizable Reports

Infoplus now allows you to fully customize any report in the system. Using Infoplus Scripts you can now take complete control over formatting, business rules, logic and your data within your User Reports.

Product Update: Let’s Get Ready for 2017

The Infoplus mantra is Continuously Get Better. So it’s fitting that as 2016 comes to a close, this product release is all about making improvements to our fulfillment processing and fixing bugs. In this coming new year, we aim to bring you the best software solution possible to help you and your company have a most propserous New Year in 2017.

Product Update: Advanced Inventory and Asset Tracking, Simplified Barcode Printing, New Warehouse Mobile Apps and Better Shopping Cart Integration Management

Your Advanced Inventory and Asset Tracking

You can now use Product Id Tags to track inventory and assets from inbound receiving, through product movement and adjustments, to allocation and fulfillment.  Product Id Tagging is perfect if you need a high level of control in your inventory management and the ability to produce fully audited inventory reporting and process controls.

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