Product Updates

Reports, Pivot Tables, Totals, Barcodes, Pick Cart Shipping, Dates, Timezones, Work Tickets, Bug Fixes and More...

This week’s release is packed full of upgrades, new features and bug fixes. Allowing you to create and organize complex reports, generate more in depth barcodes and enhance warehouse operation productivity with Pick to Cart Shipping operations, monitor your shipping SLAs and more.

Product Update: New Light Manufacturing Module and Additional Improvements

New Light Manufacturing module

Product Update: More control and flexibility in order fulfillment and shopping cart order importing

We have some new features and bug fixes that we’re excited to share with you this week.

Product Update: Pick to Cart Optimizations, Live Chat Support and More

We have released some updates to our Pick-to-Cart picking methodology, to help you optimize your pick pack and ship operations, and to give you better visibility to your data.

Product Update: New File Manager Feature and More!

This week’s release includes a number of bug fixes, as well as a new feature we’re excited to introduce: File Manager.

Improved Document Handling, more UOM, and Optimized Order Source Reservation Management

Our latest update has an even bigger number of features and improvements that we’re excited about sharing with you!

Magento Bundles, Item Receipt Fix, and Scheduled Plan Messaging Improvement

Our latest update provides a couple of important bug fixes that we’re excited to release!

Updated Magento Integration
Users can now import into Infoplus bundled items using per-order kit definitions. In short, if you order a bundle in Magento, you will see it correctly flow into Infoplus as a dynamic kit.  

Product Update: Expiration Dates, UOM Updates, and More

Our latest update provides a number of requested features that we’re excited about introducing!

Product Update: Enhanced Serial Numbers and More

Item Serial Numbers

Product Update: Bulk Load Fixes, New API Fields, and Flexible Scheduling of Plans

The following update encompasses the last two product sprints done by our team (Sprint 72 & 73).