Product Updates

Product Update: Scan to Verify, Return Label Weight Overrides, and More.

This week’s release is focused on enhancements to warehouse picking operations and returns management along with speed and bug fixes.  Read more below to learn how to configure picking to be more efficient for Each Pick / Scan options, custom created return labels and other enhancements. 

Product Update: Support for Canada Post, Bug Fixes and More.

This week's release is all around small improvements, bug fixes and enhancements.  Canada Post is now available across the Shipping and Manifest modules.  In addition, when setting up a third party parcel account, Canada Post is now also available. 

Product Update: Finance System Connections and More.

Infoplus can now connect to your finance system, like Quickbooks, to automate the flow of data. Seamlessly automate the flow of sales-orders, purchase-orders, receipts, and more. Two new tables, ‘Finance System Connection’ and ‘Finance System Connection Log’ have been added. If you’re interested in setting this up for your business, contact Infoplus Support today!

Product Update: Bug Fixes, Cross-Docking, Over-picking for Jobs, and More.

This week's release is all about bug fixes and speed.   Over the last 4 weeks the engineering teams have been laser focused on fixing the top 20 bugs reported over the last six months.  Check out the bug list below.  Bonus, enhancement for Interactive Receiving and getting more information needed for your cross-dock operations. 

Product Update: Partial Picking and Over Picking for Jobs, Improved Error Messaging, and More.

This week's release is focused on enhanced picking and manufacturing features for Job and Light Manufacturing. The enhancements made to Jobs allows for increased flexibility when picking materials in operations as well as on the put-away, including recording waste. 

Product Update: Reports, Pivot Tables, Totals, Barcodes, Pick Cart Shipping, Dates, Timezones, Work Tickets, Bug Fixes and More.

This week’s release is packed full of upgrades, new features and bug fixes. Allowing you to create and organize complex reports, generate more in depth barcodes and enhance warehouse operation productivity with Pick to Cart Shipping operations, monitor your shipping SLAs and more.

Product Update: New Light Manufacturing Module, Inventory Status Changes, Shopping Cart Plugin Updates and More

This week's release introduces the new Light Manufacturing module. This goal of this new module is to provide a way for Infoplus users to plan and track light manufacturing workflows in their warehouse.

Product Update: Control and Flexibility in Order Fulfillment, Shopping Cart Order Importing, and More.

This week's release is focused on giving you more control, data, and flexility when setting up and running Order Fulfillment plans.   In addition Infoplus has added additional tools to the Shopping Cart Connections to make order importing and recovery quicker and more accurate. 

Product Update: Pick to Cart Optimizations, Live Chat Support and More.

This week's release is focused on updates to Infoplus Pick-to-Cart picking methodology and pushing Support to the next level.  Between the two, Infoplus is helping you optimize your pick pack and ship operations, give you better visibility to your data, and be right by your side in live chat support for any questions, comments or concerns that you might have. 

Product Update: Attach Files to Orders, Receipts, ASN, and Records with File Manager and More

This week’s release includes a number of bug fixes, as well as a new feature we’re excited to introduce: File Manager.  Remove email from your operations with the ability to attached images, pdfs, packing slips, documents and more directly to your orders, warehouse receipts, locations, or any other record in Infoplus.