Warehousing and Infoplus

When service is your business - inventory management is crucial

Warehouse Management Solutions

Keep your teams and clients supplied

Whether it's keeping  inventory right on your service trucks, with teams in the field, or clients facilities you service - we understand it's hard to find the right tools when you don't quite fit into a box. Infoplus has gone to great lengths to break the mold of that box so that regardless of who your "customer" is, your warehouse can service them. 

Manage inventory for a customer job, order from your own warehouse and replenish any location type regardless of shape or size (service truck 1). Management, control and fulfillment are equally if not more important when you are your own customer or servicing a long-term business partner.

Management and Control

Know where it is and where it's going

Key Feature:

  • Lot, Serial, and Job Number tracking
  • Storage Rules - Keep things going to the same place, in the same location in your warehouse
  • Low-stock and Replenishment - Reorder and replenish your warehouse, your customers, and your teams

Outbound Fulfillment

It's not just fulfillment anymore

Key Feature:

  • Quality Control - Scan everything out to make sure every piece is accounted for
  • Automate fulfillment cycles when the situation calls for it
  • Built in Shipping - send via parcel, freight, and more with in-suite manifestation

Data and Reporting

Analyze your business how you want

Key Feature:

  • Report Builder - Define, schedule and receive the data that drives your business
  • Metrics - User defined metrics give you your business at a glance
  • Open API - Sync every aspect of your business into a central hub, Infoplus,  to take advantage of Metrics and Report Builder


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