FAQ/Error Messages for Receiving

If you run into errors when using any of the receiving features in Infoplus, this is a good first step to see if your question has already been resolved.

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    FAQ Table of Contents: 

    Why can’t I see my receiving worksheet in the mobile app?

    Receiving worksheets are only available in the desktop app.Interactive receiving is only available via the mobile app

    If you use a receiving worksheet, you can not access that via the app. You will need to continue the receiving process in the desktop app if you start it there.

    What is the difference between a receiving worksheet and receiving in the app (interactive receiving)

    You can leave notes in the receiving worksheet, but you cannot leave notes when using interactive receiving. 

    How do I create an ASN in the mobile app?

    No, you cannot set up an ASN in the mobile app, but you can blind receive using interactive receiving in the mobile app.

    Note: you cannot blind receive if you use a receiving worksheet in the desktop app

    What needs to be set up before I receive an item?

    You need to have every item you receive set up in Infoplus before you receive it.

    You need to have locations set up in Infoplus so it can track where you store the items.

    In the Item, under Operations, there is a field called ASN Rule, you can set this to Required, Allowed, or Not Allowed

    What is Item Mixing?

    Item Mixing Rules control if the item itself is allowed to be mixed with different items in the same location (e.g. hot dogs and burgers can reside in the same location).

    There are two options for Item Mixing Rules:

    • Single: This item must be stored as the only item in a location. It cannot mix with other items.
    • Multi: This item can be stored with multiple items, meaning it can mix with other items.

    Pro Tip: The Location where you want to allow item mixing must have the "Allow Item Mixing" field set to True in addition to setting the Item itself to have stricter item mixing rules. 

    For more information about Item Mixing rules, see this knowledge article.

    What is Lot Mixing?

    Lot mixing uses attributes of an item to control how it can be mixed in a Location (e.g. items in a location all have to have come from the same production lot, items in a location have to have the same SKU but can have different inventory properties). 

    There are three levels of Lot Mixing Rules: 

    • Item Receipt: All inventory in a location must have come from the same Item Receipt/Purchase Order (PO) number. This is the most strict Lot Mixing Rule.
    • Inventory Properties: All inventory in a location must have the same “attributes” on their POs (e.g. Production Lot, Revision Date, Packaging configuration, etc.); but different PO numbers may be mixed in a location. 
    • SKU: All inventory in a location must have the same SKU, but any and all variations of PO Numbers and Inventory Properties are allowed to mix. This is the loosest Lot Mixing Rule.

    This setting can be found in the Item Details page under the Operations tab. For more information on Lot Mixing, see this knowledge article

    What is Allow Item Mixing?

    Specifically on the Location Details page, when editing or creating a Location, you will see the Allow Item Mixing option. This is a yes/no (true/false) selection that indicates if different items can be stored in this location. True means different SKUs can be stored in this location. False means only one SKU can be stored in this location.

    For more information on Allow Item Mixing on the Location table, see this knowledge article

    Where are item mixing and lot mixing set in Infoplus?

    You can set lot and item mixing rules from the item details page and on the location details page. It is important to note that If a location doesn't allow Item Mixing but the Item is set to "Multi" then location will reign supreme, only allowing a single item. But if the location allows Item Mixing & the item is set to "Single" then whichever location the item is in won't allow for multiple items.

    What is the ASN Rule in the operations tab under items?

    In the Item, under Operations, there is a field called ASN Rule, you can set this to Required, Allowed, or Not Allowed. The ASN Rule specifies whether or not the item is required to have an ASN set-up for receiving, if it's optional to have one set-up (thus allowing QR & BR) or if it's forbidden to have an ASN for it.

    What is Quick Receiving?

    Quick Receiving can be utilized when unexpected inventory makes it to the warehouse. If a Vendor sends over inventory with no warning & it arrives, the quickest & easiest way to receive the item(s) would be via Quick Receipt. It can be executed via Mobile App or Desktop.

    What is the best way to receive items in Infoplus?

    There are four ways to receive inventory into your warehouse when using Infoplus:

    1. Interactive Receiving
      1. Performed in the Mobile Apps only
      2. ASN is required
    2. Receiving Worksheet
      1. Performed in the Desktop Apps only
      2. ASN is required
    3. Quick Receipt
      1. Performed in the Desktop Apps only
      2. No ASN required
    4. Blind Receiving (mobile app, no ASN required)
      1. Performed in the Mobile Apps only
      2. No ASN required

    As you can see, there are multiple ways to receive inventory into your warehouse based on your businesses' common practices and your needs from day-to-day in the warehouse. You can adjust your receiving criteria based on incoming items or have strict receiving parameters so you know exactly what is coming into your warehouse and where it is going. 

    For more information on receiving, check out this overview of the four methods for receiving inventory.

    How do I customize what values are recorded for an item upon receiving?

    You can customize what values are recorded for an item when it is received by navigating to the Receiving Criteria Scheme Table in Infoplus. Here, you can set these parameters however you like. Then, navigate to the Item Table and you can select from the different criteria schemes you've made via that operations tab. 

    See more detailed instructions for using the Receiving Criteria Scheme Table here. 

    Values could be units per wrap, extraneous item data, size of carton, lwh, PIT – anything you might want to record when you receive the items \

     Pro Tip: If you do not have the weight set on an item, Infoplus will use the weight from the ASN shipping for when you ship it out to a customer. Using this field can help you get more accurate weights when shipping.

    Error Message Table of Contents: 

    Error: Location is Already Occupied Error
    What it Means: Usually, this is because of lot mixing rules. Enter a location where you want to put it or you can get suggestions.

    How to Fix It: You will need to change your lot mixing rules or find another location for the item you received. 

    Error: This Location does not allow Item mixing. You may edit the Mixing Rule for this Location or choose another Location

    What it Means: Due to the item mixing rules you have set up (set up at the item or location level), the item you are trying to put away cannot live in this location.

    How to Fix It: You will either need to find a location with weaker item mixing rules or place the item in an empty location. You may need to adjust the location setting to make the Allow Item Mixing = True or adjust the Lot Mixing and Item Mixing rules

    Error: Location Says Different

    What it Means: The location where this SKU should live is unavailable due to frozen or damaged inventory. 

    How to Fix It: You will need to find a new location for the item or find a safe way to dispose of the frozen or damaged item to free its space. 

    Error: Can't Adjust to Odd Quantity

    What it Means: This error was caused due to an issue with the value in the Units per Wrap field, which is located on the Item Receipt record.

    How to Fix It: Whenever you want to receive or fulfill any order with a quantity of 1, you will need to set the Units Per Wrap to 1. If the setting is a value other than 1, for example, 5, you will only be able to receive, adjust, and fulfill orders with quantities multiples of 5. So an order with 25 single units (eaches) would be fine, but an order with 2 units would produce this error.

    If the item wrap code and item unit description are set to Each then this number should ALWAYS be 1.