View Item Activity

The Item Activity table provides a log of all activity that affects inventory levels in the warehouse. By filtering the table in different ways, you can quickly find out what has been happening:

  • Filter by SKU to create a movement report for a specific Item. If orders and items are not allocating as expected, this report will help you figure out the reason.
  • Filter by Activity Type to see all changes in allocation, inventory status, and more.
  • Filter by Inventory Change to look for specific ranges of increase or decrease in inventory levels.

View Item Activity

  1. Go to the Item Activity table. Two ways:
    - From the DashboardClick the “Warehouse Operations” tab, click the “Item Management” App, then click the “Item Activity” Table.
    - From the Quick Actions shortcut: Press a dot (period) on your keyboard, then select “Item Activity” from the list of Quick Actions.

  2. The Item Activity table appears.

    - The Inventory Change column shows the quantity change for the activity that occurred. See the Notes column for details.
    - The Activity Type column shows the type of activity that resulted in the change. Activities include:
       - Committed Item Receipt: The item was put away and became available for ordering. See Commit Item Receipts. 
       - Uncommitted Item Receipt: The item became unavailable for ordering. See Uncommit Item Receipts. 
       - Changed Receipt Status: The status of the item changed. Status options include Not Received, In Receiving, Available, and Frozen. See View Item Receipts and Unreceive an Item Receipt.
       - Changed Inventory in Location Status: The status of a location’s inventory changed. Status options are Available, Damaged, and Frozen. See Inventory Status Mobile Floor App. 
       - Allocation: The allocation portion of a fulfillment process was completed, resulting in an inventory reduction. See Run Fulfillment (Fulfill Orders) and Allocation Only (No Pick, Pack, Ship). 
       - Unallocation: The allocation portion of a fulfillment process was reversed, and inventory was made available. See Cancel a Fulfillment Process and No Stock Recovery
       - Adjustment: A change in a location’s quantity was required. Adjustments can occur for a number of reasons, including the discovery of damage and pick/pack errors. Look at the associated record in the Inventory Adjustment table to see the Adjustment Code. See Adjust a Location's Inventory and No Stock Recovery
       - Relocation: Items were moved to a different location. See Inventory Relocation Mobile Floor App. 
       - Changed Location Status: The warehouse location became available (online) or unavailable (offline). See Create / Edit One Location at a Time.

  3. To see additional information, click on the specific Item Activity record you want to view.

NOTE:  If the orderable quantity is showing up as a negative it's based on adjustments, receipts, and fulfillments.