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Shopping Cart, EDI, and Financial System Integrations for Warehouse Management Systems

Infoplus World Connect

Shopping Carts, EDI, Marketplaces, Financial Systems, APIs and more...

With software constantly improving and innovating the days of one solution are behind us. The best of every world is built by finding the best individualized solutions and bringing them all together under a single hub. Finance Systems, Sales Channels, ERPs and Warehouse Management Softwares now have hundreds of options with specialized solutions. We know that when you find that perfect software, taking a step back isn't an option. 

Our focus is on being the best Warehouse Management Solution we can be while creating an environment for our clients to bring their other softwares into the Infoplus hub of data and analytics.  Connecting every piece of your business and your partners gives you the best of every world and eliminates the time consuming process of manually pulling all the data together. 

WMS Integrations


WMS Shopping CartsShopping Carts and Marketplaces

Real-time Integrations, Maintenance, and Monitoring for Orders, Inventory, and Shipments

Key Features:

  • In depth Integrations with Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and all major Shopping Carts. 
  • Real-time Orders, Inventory, Invoices, and Shipments across every Order Source
  • 100+ order channel and management integrations all setup within minutes each. 
  • Multi-channel Inventory Management
  • Shipment tracking feeds directly to your sales channels
  • Ability to Customize and Transcode Data and SKUs across Order Source.
  • Full Onboarding and Support Teams to get things running quickly and keep them running smoothly.


WMS Accounting SystemsAccounting Systems

Track, Integrate, and Report Sales, Customers, CoGS, and Inventory across multiple business units or brands. 

Key Features:

  • 20+ Financial System Integrations
  • Sync Orders, Inventory, Invoicing, Purchases and more
  • Simplify the data in finance to GL's and Dollars
  • Custom Data Workflows, Data Mapping, and Translations 
  • Real-time Integrations with Monitor-By-Exception reporting and error handling
  • Full Onboarding and Support Teams to get things running quickly and keep them running smoothly.


EDI TechnologyEDI (8xx and 9xx Series)

Today's Growth means Retail, and Retail means EDI.   'Big Box' Retail technology isn't a blocker for business anymore.    

Key Features:

  • 100's of trading partners
  • Simple Flat Fee - No Transitions, No Setup, No Mapping. 
  • 850, 855, 856 Series ANSI Standard Document Maps
  • 940, 945, 946 Series ANSI Standard Document Maps
  • Transaction Audits ensure every ASN, PO and SO are communicated successfully.
  • Full Onboarding and Support Teams to get things running quickly and keep them running smoothly.


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