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    Use Data to Plan the Work Day

    Know What’s Coming—Today & Beyond

    Infoplus Good Morning Reports give you an instant daily snapshot of your upcoming workload and labor needs.

    You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Track

    Tracking and managing performance metrics is the best way to drive continuous improvement.

    Help Employees Do Their Best Work

    Warehouse metrics will group orders and dictate fulfillment methods that optimize staff speed and accuracy.

    Uncover trouble spots and the need for additional resources.

    Infoplus allows you to do full audits of user activity and track key metrics. This allows you to pinpoint operational challenges, what steps are slowing down the operation and where to invest in more resources.

    Reward top performers and identify leadership potential.

    Know immediately who is exceeding expectations and who could benefit from additional training. Create custom reports and use wallboard views to encourage friendly competition.

    Implement your ideal solution.

    To exceed customer expectations, you need the latest technology — including analytics, machine learning, and task automation — but you also need a solution designed for your business. Find your perfect fit today.

    WMS Craft your data as you see fit. Infoplus metrics and Wallboard give you the ability to choose which metrics are most important to you and your team. Infoplus Report Scheduler lets your customers and stakeholders do the same, scheduling the reports they need to see. Daily, weekly, and monthly data comparisons of your methods and resources show how much your current team is capable of and how many more people you need to go even further. Explore the WMS
    WMS for 3PL Infoplus labor metrics puts every piece of data at your disposal, making data-driven decisions easy. Smart Filters allow you to see the metrics you need in a format that makes sense. You can even match up reports with triggers, so that processes are put into action at the precise time they’ll bring the most benefit. Explore the WMS for 3PL

    Steak in the Game

    Download the full-length case study where you will find:

    • The 7 challenges created by seasonal demand swings
    • The additional challenge of special inventory
    • The specific Infoplus features that helped Allen Brothers meet these challenges
    • The benefits of real time data and strict lot control
    • How Infoplus helped manage labor, packing materials, and shipping options to maximize efficiency

    Download the Case Study
    Less Than 30% of U.S. warehouses and logistics centers are operating efficiently
    Almost 40% are depending on basic or legacy warehouse management systems
    Jackson Frazier
    1 Year at Infoplus

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