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    Explore the power of specialized features.

    One-size-fits-all doesn't cut it for the fastest-growing businesses. Leverage a solution built to streamline the trickiest parts of warehousing and logistics.

    Shipping and Orders Your Choice of Shopping Carts Infoplus supports all the major shopping carts with in depth integrations: Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, and many, many more.
    Shipping and Orders Multi-Channel Marketplaces Infoplus manages real-time orders, inventory, invoices, and shipments across 100+ different order channels.
    Shipping and Orders Simplify and Sync Your Accounting Systems Track, integrate, and report sales, customers, CoGs, and inventory across multiple business units or brands.
    Shipping and Orders EDI for Your Retail Growth Infoplus can connect you with hundreds of trading partners for a simple, flat fee.

    World Connect integrates your financial systems, sales channels, ERPs and WMS into one powerful tool.

    Infoplus links all of your systems and sales channels so they’re working toward a single goal—your success. Customized and specialized solutions have all of the puzzle pieces fitting together perfectly.

    Steak in the Game

    Download the full-length case study where you will find:

    • The 7 challenges created by seasonal demand swings
    • The additional challenge of special inventory
    • The specific Infoplus features that helped Allen Brothers meet these challenges
    • The benefits of real time data and strict lot control
    • How Infoplus helped manage labor, packing materials, and shipping options to maximize efficiency

    Download the Case Study
    Less Than 30% of U.S. warehouses and logistics centers are operating efficiently
    Almost 40% are depending on basic or legacy warehouse management systems
    Infoplus has help changed the way we do business, for the better. Infoplus has afforded me the following benefits: Ability to see and analyze entire operation process in real-time. Ability to provide customers with high-end and reliable customer portal experience. Ability to seamlessly integrate with prospects that show interest in our company (A huge selling point).
    - Frank P. VP, East Coast Warehouse & Fulfillment
    Theresa Mazzola
    3 years at Infoplus

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    Sync inventory, in real-time, across multiple channels and start fulfilling orders as soon as they're placed.

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