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    August 6, 2021

    Infoplus Product Update: Warehouse Index Increased from 5 to 10

    Infoplus released some updates, enhancements, and bug fixes last night. Below is a list of all the items that went out with this Product Update. Continue reading for a detailed description of each update mentioned below. 

    • Increase the Number of Supported Warehouses in Infoplus from 5 to 10
    • Bug Fix: Clarify V1 and V2 Allocation Fulfillment Errors
    • Bug Fix: Unfulfilling an Order During Fulfillment Causes Errors

    Increase the Number of Supported Warehouses in Infoplus from 5 to 10

    To assist Infoplus users as they grow, we have updated the number of supported warehouses in Infoplus. Notably, this improvement also increases user's visibility into each warehouses' available quantity fields, including on hand, on order, orderable, etc. You can see all the available quantity fields on the Item table as optional columns. 

    • You can now add up to 10 warehouses to your Infoplus application
    • Increased visibility - Available quantity fields (on hand, on order, orderable, etc) is for each warehouse are now available as columns in the Item table
    • On the warehouse inventory tab on the View Item page, you can now see all your warehouses and their available quantities
    • Fixes fulfillability issues for users that have between 5 and 10 warehouses

    Bug Fix: Improved Error Messaging Around V1 and V2 for Fulfillment Allocation

    We've added clarity around the requirements to use either V1 or V2 (beta) for allocation when running fulfillment. 'Version' is still an optional field when setting up a fulfillment plan. If you do not select a version from the drop-down Infoplus will automatically select the best version for the orders. 

    See more information about the specific requirements for V1 and V2 in this Knowledge Base article. 

    Bug Fix: Users Will Not Be Able to Unfulfill an Order During the Fulfillment Process

    Before this update, a user could unfulfill an order that was a part of a running fulfillment process, which could cause confusing errors and delays. Users are now blocked from unfulfilling an order while the fulfillment process is running, but can still unfulfill before or after fulfillment has run.

    Additionally, when utilizing the beta version of the API and calling the shipment end point, while searching for an empty record; a 500 error would occur. With this update, searching for an empty record will return a 200 level success response.  

    Recently Added or Updated Knowledge Base Articles

    We have added some new Knowledge Base articles to address common questions and scenarios our clients bring to us. Check out these articles for some updated insight into best practices within Infoplus. 

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