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Data is key to sound decision making

Real time data, how you need it, has always been a challenge faced in managing a business.  It's either impossible to find or time consuming to get. Infoplus is designed with a clear focus on reporting - Data is our customers, make it simple to get in and out.

When you have exactly what you're looking for to make confident decisions, your customers, operations and business all benefit.

Integrate - eCommerce, finance systems, channel partners, shipping partners, EDI partners and an open API. Access to information from every aspect of your business in a single hub puts management teams in a position to be proactive in their decision making.

Metrics and Report BuilderTracking is improving. See exactly how your teams and business are performing by creating and tracking the metrics that matter to you and manage against those benchmarks. A healthy business translates to healthy customers. Define, create and schedule reports to show up in your inbox or analyze on the fly.

Growth - No operational or data restrictions provide the opportunity to scale in an instant. New sales, new people, new facilities and operations often mean new technology. Infoplus Warehouse Manager facilitates growth in your business. Your success is our success, it's not just a saying we like it's a value we live from sales to support.


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