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Technology built for 3PLs to meet the demands of Operations, Management and Clients

3rd Party Logistics Companies

When you're in the business of saying "Yes"

As a 3pl, You have to be in the business of being able to tell your Customers "Yes".   We know and understand that at our core.   Your success is our success, and everything we do, from the platforms, the integrations, customizable reports, processes and workflow and the API - everything has been created with your ability to say "Yes" at top of mind. 

Give yourself the tools to say "Yes". Flexibility in the 3PL market creates unlimited growth potential.  Infoplus is designed to grow 3PLs in every industry. Solving customer challenges is what 3PLs do and Infoplus understands that your 3PL Warehouse Software needs to be that solution. 

EDI - Omni Channel Sales - Out of Stocks - Kitting - Branding - Billing - Reporting.  The list is endless, and each of your current and future customers want to know their business is in good hands. They've put their faith in your business, Infoplus WMS backs that up with Warehouse Manager for 3PLs ensuring you have the tools to come through.


Warehouse Management System for 3PLs


WMS Customer ManagementCustomer Management

Proactively give your customers what they've come to expect. 

Key Features:

  • Customer User Portal and Dashboard
  • Low Stock Management and Alerts
  • Report Builder - Automate the data that matters most
  • Shipment Tracking and Confirmations
  • Over 120 Sales and Financial Channel Integrations


WMS OperationsOperations

Manage every customer as a VIP not just a number.

Key Features:

  • Pick / Pack - User defined flows to maximize each customers outbound
  • Inventory - Lot control, Kitting, Back Orders, Serials and more
  • Shipping - Small Pack, Freight, International, 3rd Party
  • Receiving - With or Without PO's from your customers


WMS Billing and ReportsData and Billing

User defined metrics and reports to measure customer, employee or company performance.

Key Features:

  • 3PL Billing - Automate billing rules to capture every interaction and charge for it
  • Dashboard Metrics - Build performance metrics that track what matters to you
  • Report Builder - Create and schedule management and customer reports
  • Data Audits - Know who did what and when



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